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Fern Mossman, (R)

Fern Mossman, (R) MRP, RS-58739 In 2000 I began selling real estate. My first listing was on Maui and second was an expired listing which had been on the market for year. Within a month I had it in escrow. It’s been a pleasure seeing Buyer’s…

  • Office : (808) 261-1470
  • Mobile : (808) 741-6126
  • Fax : (808) 261-0218

Laurie Flanagan Morgan, (R)

Laurie Flanagan Morgan, (R) RB-16387, Licensed as a Realtor Associate 1983, licensed as a Realtor (Broker) 1993 Laurie first came to Hawaii in 1977 from Tiburon, California. She studied Japanese language at Hawaii Loa College, and in 1980 spent a year teaching English in Osaka, Japan. She…

  • Office : (808) 261-1470
  • Mobile : (808) 286-2348
  • Fax : (808) 261-0218

Judy Self, (RA)

Judy Self, (RA) #RS-73169, 2000 “Putting Foundations Under Your Dreams” Aloha, Whether you are moving to Hawaii for the first time or a long time resident, I know that buying or selling a home is one of the most important things you will ever do, and…

  • Office : (808) 261-1470
  • Mobile : (808) 238-9388
  • Fax : (808) 261-0218

Kasandra Shriver, (R)

Kasandra Shriver, (R) (RB-22606) GRI, e-PRO, AHWD, MRP, RSPS, licensed since 2012 Sales and Property Management Whether you need a full-time property management solution, a specific property management service tailored to meet your unique need, or information relating to the purchase of investment property and its…

  • Office : (808) 261-1470
  • Mobile : (808) 221-8904
  • Fax : (808) 261-0218

Marisa Villalba, (RA)

Marisa Villalba, (RA) RS-63539, Licensed as a Realtor Associate 2004 *Top HomeQuest Producer 2018* Marisa has been actively selling real estate on Oahu since 2004. Her sales range from condos in downtown Honolulu to Beachside Kailua villas to resort condos in Koolina. Knowledgeable and experienced as both…

  • Office : (808) 261-1470
  • Mobile : (808) 284-2043
  • Fax : (808) 261-0218

Mandi Erason

Mandi Esrason (RA) RS-80931 Mandi has been licensed since early 2018, she grew up on the Windward side of Oahu and she has a feel for the island and knows the neighborhoods well. Mandi has been working in Property Management for about 5 years now…

Branden Fredrick

Branden Fredrick, RS-78192, first came to Hawaii in 2003 to attend school at University of Hawaii at Manoa. He adapted quickly to the island lifestyle, spending his free time sailing with new friends, and eventually becoming a proud boat owner. It was through Branden’s…

  • Mobile : 808-321-4547

Joshua Britten, (RA)

Joshua Lee Britten, (RA). Licensed as Realtor Associate in 2012 RS-74496 . Born and raised in windward Oahu and a proud graduate of Kailua High School. Many years island and statewide in various real estate related capacities ranging from escrow and title to real estate…